Rolo’s CD’s

I have CD’s to sell!!!! Oh yes, I have soooo many CD’s. I have three CD’s that are of my radio programs. Each CD has three programs on it. Those CD’s are titled. “Love, Choy and Hope — Volume One,” “Let It Shine — Volume Two,” and my latest CD, “Rolo’s Thanksgiving Reflections.” I also have a Christmas CD titled, “Rockin’ Rolo’s Revelations Christmas Special 2018.” Finally, I have CD that is me singing!!!! It is so, so, so very goodie! The title is “Rolo’s Remarkable Rhapsodies.”

Oooooo … And I have a little secret! 10% of all my CD sales are sent to an orphanage called Naomi Home in Holbrook, AZ. They are very sweet children and I jus’ love them!!!!

You can purchase any of these CD’s in the Final Harvest Music Store. Check them out today!!!!!