It’s Exhausting!!!

I am tired … so tired!!! It has been an exhausting day! We are working on not one … not two … not three … but FOUR brand new programs for Rolo’s Radio For RUFF Days for Christmas! Not only will there be four new programs but the Christmas programs will be an hour long instead of a half-hour long! So, you can see why I am sooooo tired! The programs will begin airing on His Message His Call Radio on Saturday, November 27th, right after Thanksgiving!

I hope you are enjoying Rolo’s Thanksgiving Reflections on Rolo’s Revelations right now. Guess what? After Thanksgiving Rockin’ Rolo’s Revelations Christmas Special will be back starting the day after Thanksgiving! This program is so much fun and you will want to tune in with me and ALL my friends!

For airtimes on Rolo’s Radio For RUFF Days and Rolo’s Revelations visit the Feature Programming Page on the His Message His Call Radio website!

Right now … I gotta get some sleep so we can do more recording tomorrow!!!

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